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Jump Stop Update

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I have been using the N-Gear Jump Stop for a few months now and so far I haven't thrown a chain once. This is a new record for me. I am adding them to all of my bikes.

Nice product, easy to install, keeps your hands clean and your chain out of a twist, what more could you want for $10.
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Jump Stop MountedI was surprised to learn that almost every professional racing bike has a Dog Fang. Well what is a Dog Fang? It is a little piece mounted on the down stay by the smallest chain ring that prevents the chain from jumping off to the inside of the chain ring.

Well, if racers use them why don't bicycle tourists who have very small inner chain ring and big jumps between the middle and inner chain rings. In fact they do. My favorite bicycling authority Sheldon Brown from Harris Cyclery recommends the "N Gear Jump Stop". I have taken his advice and mounted them on my Slipstrean and Vanguard.

Sheldon says that you can now adjust the front derailleur for faster shifting and let the Jump Stop guide the chain onto the inner chain ring without worrying about chain jumping to the inside.

Having the chain jump off the inner chain ring has been a real problem for me on the Ryan Vanguard since I went to the 22 inner chain ring(44-32-22 mountain gearing). It always seems to happen when I need that quick shift at the bottom of a steep hill. Most times the chain will jam itself and need a lot of tugging to get out. But lets not forget that after freeing the chain my hands are covered with nasty chain gunk.

N Gear Jump StopHow well does it worked? I don't know for sure but have not had any missed shifts since I installed it 2 weeks ago. But I will say if it prevents one missed shift at the bottom of a hill it has more than paid for itself with a price of $10.

The best place to get one is at the home of the Jump Stop at N Gear Jump Stop Home. They have an offer that is hard to beat. Just tell them what size down tube you have and they send you a Jump Stop. If you like it send them $10 and if you don't send it back. Best price and service you'll find anywhere.


Written by Roland

April 18, 2006 at 10:46 am

Posted in Equipment

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