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A Bike Pump That Really Works

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 9/19/2006 Update – Unaceptable Rating
8/2006 Update after July Tour

I had my first flat in 2 years today but came home smiling. I have finally found the bicycle pump I need for long distance self contained tours. I had given up but out of habit bought a new pump this year. I did not expect it to be as good as my trusty Zephal XP, the standard I measure all bike pumps against.

The MiniFootPump Air Revolution is in a class by itself for portable pumps and may be as good as my floor pump. It is a quality pump made in Germany. Pumping a tire with a Schrader valve up to a 100 psi is quick and easy, my Zepal is hard, slow, and never really gets to 100 psi. Using this pump is a joy if like me you have been suffering with other pumps and wondering how you keep your tires inflated on long trips.

The design is different than our bike pumps you have used.
First, you pump it with your foot and unlike its predecessor the MiniFootPump it stays in place and is easy to pump. Even at 100 PSI, you won’t really notice that it is harder to pump.
Second, it has a great screw-on coupling to the tube stem that is the most effective I ever used on any pump. You will have to read the directions to get it right the first time but this coupling gives a nice tight effective seal.

Third, the multiple chamber design makes it easy to reach high pressures. 120 psi is a breeze. This is the first portable pump that is not was a major chore to get above 60 psi. The pump is rated for 40 to 140 psi.

Fourth, it has a cute little carrying case with a pocket for the Presta adapter, tire tools and patch kits.

Basic Statistics:

Size: 3 1/2″ Diameter and 6″ long

Weight: 17 Oz.

The negatives on this pump are:

1. It is bigger and heavier than the MiniFootPump and doesn’t attach to the frame. You will need to tuck it away in a rack trunk or a pannier.

2. It is expensive, about $50 from MinFootPump direct at http://www.minifootpump.com/new_mfp/pages/mfp_cycling.html but JC Whitney sells for $40 at http://www.minifootpump.com/new_mfp/pages/mfp_cycling.html.

3. I don’t know how well this pump works with Presta valves. I gave up on Prestas about the same time I gave up on clipless pedals for LWB USS recumbents so I can’t really comment.

This is a great pump that will save you a lot of trouble fixing flats and keeping your tires pumped up on multiple day rides. But it is a super mini pump that fit behind the seat of an diamond frame and it is not cheap. But it a great value for riders who really need a pump to get home safely.

I am finally tossing out my Zephal XP and buying two more Air Revolution Pumps so that I can have one on each of my bikes. No sense getting stuck in the woods on the mountain bike when the Air Revolution will pump up those big tires in a flash … see me smiling.


Written by Roland

May 17, 2006 at 5:21 pm

Posted in Equipment

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