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A Bigger Mirror for the Slipstream

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The B&M CycleStar mirror is very nicely made but just too small for my eyes. I wanted my Blackburn Mirror back. It had a nice wide oval shape that gave me a complete view of the road. With the CycleStar I had to pick spots to watch.


It is not pretty but I was able to mount a Blackburn Road Mirror on the Slipstream with 2 wire ties and 2 piece of of cut tube. The theory was that the rubber pieces would keep the mirror from moving. Turns out that the mirror can rotate on the bar but that is a good thing when you bump it against something and the mirror doesn't move while riding. I will keep my eyes open for a better looking solution but this approach seems to be working fine.


         Blackburn Road Mirror and Mounting Strap
It is not pretty but I have a much better view of the road. The best price I have found for the Blackburn Road Mirror is $14.98 at LicktonBike.com.


Written by Roland

May 19, 2006 at 3:20 pm

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