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My Favorite Summer Recumbent Cycling Jersey – $5.97

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Duofold Poly TeeI know these aren't the most stylish cycling jerseys you have ever seen but they are my favorite summer cycling jerseys. These shirts are made of polyester and feel very light and comfortable. The material breathes and you feel cool and dry as you ride. They are very simply made with seams that do not rub on long hot rides.

The polyester material is not hygroscopic so they don't get heavy and soggy as you ride. They also wash well and dry quickly. These jersey are much better than cotton T-shirts that are hot and soggy in the summer on the East Coast.

I love these jerseys for tours, no pockets in the back to annoy on a recumbent and they pack very small. If I get some grease on one, I just toss the shirt.

When these jerseys are on sale at Campmor, I usually stock up. Luckily, the bright colors perfect for cycling are the ones they usually have on sale.

These jerseys do not shrink but they do run a little small. If you like a loose fit, you might buy one size larger than normal.

The short sleeve are on sale now for $5.97 at Duofold T-Shirts.

The long sleeve shirts are also on sale for $7.97 at Duofold Long Sleeve T-Shirts.

I always carry a long sleeve version with me on tours to wear in the morning over the short sleeve t-shirt until things warm up or if it is windy and cool.


Written by Roland

June 21, 2006 at 5:23 am

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