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Filling The Coffin – Packing a LWB USS Recumbent

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Weighing the Coffin

The Loaded Coffin Being Weighted

I covered the selection of the shipping case in an earlier post “The Coffin – A Shipping Case for a LWB Recumbent”.

Now comes the moment of truth will it actually fit into the case. The numbers were pretty close.

I started by disassembling the Longbikes Slipstream. The disassembly consisted of:

1. Removing the fenders, I won’t be taking these on the trip.

2. Removing the rear rack and pedals.

3. Removing the seat, the Slipstream seat fold down when the mounting braces are removed but it is too wide for the case.

4. Removing the steering tube. The tube is removed so that the front fork can be reversed when the bike is placed in the case.

5. Removing the hand grips from the USS steering bar. The brake and shift cable remain attached to the grips. The grips are them wrapped in bubble wrap so that they won’t scratch anything.

6. The steering bar is removed.

Bike in Case

Disassembled Bike in Case

At this point the bike is stripped down but because length is a problem we have a few more steps.

7. Remove rear drop outs. This is quick and simple on the Slipstream just 3 Hex Bolts on each side. This takes another 4 inches off of the total length and is essential for the bike to fit into the case.

8. Remove front disc brake and wrap in bubble pack. The cable is left attached.

Front Fork Blocked Rear Triangle Blocked

Front Fork and Rear Triangle Blocked for Shipping

9. Blocks are added to the front fork and rear triangle so that they do not compress in the case. This is an essential step if you do not do this the frame is very easily damaged. The block are just hollow tubes with the Quick Released inserted into them to hold them in place.

I used Nashbar Chain Masters (on sale for $6.49) and cut them to size with a hack saw instead of buying a piece of tubing because I thought I would be able to mount the chain on the rear triangle. However, with the rear dropouts removed that didn’t work. A piece of tubing from the hardware store would have been just as easy and probably cheaper.

10. All of the loose pieces and the chain are wrapped in bubble wrap.

Wheels in Case

Case with Bike, Wheels, and Gear

That’s it. Now just slip the bike into the case and fasten it down with the ties inside the case.

This is actually quicker and easier than packing my Bike Friday Sat-R Day.

Now just slip camping and touring gear into the case around the bike.

Total Weight – 134 pounds – Box 40#, Bike 44#, Camping Gear 43#

Packing Time – About 3 hours

Shipping Cost from Dover, NH to Seattle, WA with $3500 of insurance by FedEx – $124.00

Estimated shipping Time – 5 business days not including the day shipped

Wheels in Case

Case with Bike and Camping Gear – Ready to Close

I am relieved that the packing went as planned. I’ll be even more relieved when I unpack the bike in Seattle on the 6th of July and find out everything came through OK.

I’ll do a follow on Post to let you know how things went.


Written by Roland

June 28, 2006 at 6:15 am

4 Responses

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  1. Anonymous

    June 28, 2006 at 7:33 am

  2. […] See Filling the Coffin for details on cost and weight. […]

  3. Roland,
    Do you still have the shipping case and are you interested in selling it?


    April 28, 2009 at 9:26 am

  4. Dennis

    Yes, I still have the coffin but at this point I am not interested in selling it. I don’t think it will be easy to replace so for now I am holding on to it.

    Thanks for your interest … Roland


    April 28, 2009 at 10:17 am

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