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eBent on a Diamond, Again

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Roland on a Cross – Note: Sandals

Why would eBent be back on a diamond frame after all the nasty things he has said about them?

Well here’s the situation:

The Gold Beauty, my Longbikes Slipstream, is on a FedEx truck headed for Seattle for the next week. I need to keep in shape for riding or be embarrassed next week when I start a 3 week, 1000 mile self contained tour through Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

So I was back on the diamond frame yesterday for a 13 mile ride. I am in decent shape for recumbent cycling. I have done several 70 – 80 mile rides and over 200 miles a week for the last few weeks. But I haven’t ridden a diamond frame for quite a while.

So how did it go?
Random Impressions after the ride:

1. The wind noise in my ears on this very still day was amazingly loud.

2. This is hard work, much harder than a recumbent. No wonder I used to be fitter.

3. Boy am I fast at least for 10 miles. Then I have

4. The 2 smallest fingers on my right hand stared to buzz after 9 miles and went numb after 11 miles.

5. My ankles felt a little numb.

6. I cant see anything but the road.

7. The shoulder I dislocated last year found some muscles it had forgotten it had.

I can see why I switched to a recumbent.


Written by Roland

June 30, 2006 at 4:11 pm

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