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A Classic New Hampshire Ride – 50 Miles

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church_front.jpg Ossipee River NH 450x300.JPG

Riding from Ossipee to Dover, NH the other night I got a late start. We were running late coming home from the Montreal Bike Festival and I didn’t get started until 4:30 PM. It is about 50 miles and I knew it would be dark before I got home. But I love this ride and do it every chance I get.

Sanbornville House

It had been a dark day but this is a beautiful ride along historic Rt. 153 that straddles the New Hampshire and Maine border.

Route 16 is the busy road traveling North from the New Hampshire Seacoast to North Conway and the White Mountains. Since Route 16 was widen and improved, Route 153 ihas become a quiet back road with little traffic that travels through the historic New Hampshire towns of Effingham and Wakefield.

Firwst Union Academy
First Union Academy, Effingham, NH

In Effiningham (1778) you will find a quaint, historic New England Town and ride by New Hampshire’s First Normal School (1830) located on the second floor of the First Union Academy (1819). These towns are not old by New Hampshire standards but they have been passed by and have the feel of a very different time than the hetic time we live in now.

Wakefield Post Office

Wakefield (1744) is a beautiful town filled with large white homes and a large spired white church.

Wakefield Inn
Wakefield Inn

This ride has has an unusual treat not found in many small New Hampshire Towns, a real Italian Gelato Stand. There aren’t a lot of stops for ice cream on this route it is mosly small towns with Old Book Stores and Antiques and a few convience stores, stop there if you can. Gelato always goes well with bicycling.

Cider Mill
Cider Mill

In Union, NH (1775) where Route 153 goes West towards Middleton and New Durham, the route leaves Rt. 153 and follows Rt. 125. Route 125 is also a by passed road with little traffic. This was the Old Route 16 when it wandered thought these little towns on its way to North Conway.

NH Farm Museum
NH Farm Museum, Milton, NH

Route 125 passes the New Hampshire Farm Museum and continues into Rochester. The Route branches onto Salmon Falls road instead of going into Rochester just after The Lone Pine, a locally famous ice cream stop. You will also see a busy, old fashioned Burger stand on the left. But the people are lined up for clams and scallops not burgers.

Salmon Falls Road takes you though farms along the river into Somerswoth, Then you follow the back roads into Dover. Dover has lots of resturants and several motels and B&Bs.


I knew New Hampshire is not flat as you can see the ride profile but I though it was all down hill all the way from Ossipee to Dover. Obviously, I was wrong.

If you are traveling North from the New Hampshire Seacoast to the White Mountains or Western Maine this is a great route, it has the least amount of traffic and is a pretty ride.

Resources: Garmin Mapsource Track


Written by Roland

July 2, 2006 at 8:53 am

Posted in Favorites, History, Rides

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  1. Rolan you have a really nice site! I’ve added your link to my site. Keep up the Great Work!
    EZ Biker 🙂

    EZ Biker

    July 2, 2006 at 7:33 pm

  2. Love your website. I am the owner of the antique shop, Second Chance Antiques, across the street from The NH Farm Museum. Keep on Biking!

    Maryellen Lucia-Whitley

    September 27, 2006 at 8:52 am

  3. EZ Biker … Thanks for the Link


    September 28, 2006 at 7:19 am

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