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photo_4bars_sm.jpg I hate to talk about bonking but it is a fact of life for self contained tourists. If you don’t stay topped off you will bonk and suffer, there is no way around that. The only preventative is eating while you ride. The problem is finding food that tastes good, is easy to digest, and can take the beating of being in a bike bag.

Every bike ride seems to have bananas but they are very hard to carry. My favorites have always been fig bars. Two Fig Newtons has the same energy content as a PowerBar and tastes a lot better plus they are easier to eat.

My latest tour in the Northwest however proved that almost nothing is up to sitting in a bike bag in the Western Sun at 100 degree temps. But I did discover in Hood River, the best bike food I’ve ever had. In the bike shop they sold Gorge Delights Pear Bars.

bar_nutr_pear.gif Gorge Delight bars stand up to hot weather and banging around in a bike bag. They have a clean, tangy, not too sweet, fresh fruit taste. Besides Pear, Gorge Delights also has Cranberry, Blueberry, and Strawberry bars, all are excellent. The bars are just made from fruit and each bar is under 150 calories. I am no expert on nutrition but they taste healthy and like real fruit. I am hooked and plan to order a case from Gorge Delights.

They have a sampler of all four flavors for $6 or a box of 16 for $15.84 ($0.99 each).

These bars are highly recommend for long rides and touring.

NB, I know this sounds like a commercial but I have absolutely no relationship with Gorge Delights. I just ran across them in Hood River and really liked them as touring food.


Written by Roland

August 14, 2006 at 10:02 am

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  1. On the Bike Food

    My latest discovery while touring in the Northwest is July. On the bike food that tastes good, is healthy, and can stand sitting in the western sun in a bike at 100 degree temps.


    August 14, 2006 at 10:14 am

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