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discoshop.jpgWhat do you do on a self contained tour with 2 broken spokes and a wheel that looks like a potato chip? Find a bike shop and get a new wheel is my answer.

But you never know what will happen and how you will be treated. Well, if you are near Hood River, Oregon, I have great news for you, Discover Bicycles.

250 miles into my July tour in the Northwest, I was worried about my rear wheel. I had repaired the broken spokes but the wheel was not very straight and it was wearing on me, so I decided to replace the wheel at the next town with a bike shop. Luckily for me it was Hood River, a town with several bike shops.

I stopped at the first bike shop I saw on the main street, Discovery Bikes. There was another bike shop across the street but the sign just didn’t stand out and we missed it. I was greeted with a smile and an offer to help, this is one of the friendliest bike shops I have ever been in and one of the nicest, very clean and modern. It looked more like a Gap Store than a Bike Shop.
No fuss, no hassle, no waiting until the mechanic finished a long queue of jobs or for parts to be ordered, simply amazing. Getting work done there was a pleasure. Makes me wonder why I usually do it myself.

Well, about a $110 for a new heavy duty, 26″ Mavic wheel and $20 to install, great. That included installing new pads on my disc brakes (but not the cost of the pads). I was expecting to pay double that for the wheel and about $80 to $100 for labor. The mechanic just put my bike on stand with my help (putting a 45 pound, 74 inch long Slipstream on a stand is a task) and went to work immediately.

We went across the street for pizza. It took about an hour to change the wheel (move tire, tube, and cassette to new wheel, install brake pads, tune front and rear brakes, and adjust derailleur). That’s a lot quicker than I would have been and the brake adjustment were superb, better than I have ever done.

My experience with Discover Bicycles in Hood River is the best I have ever had. I would highly recommend stopping there if you are traveling through Hood River, Oregon. You can contact Jason Sigfrid who helped me at jason@discoverbicycles.com.

The phone number is 541.386.4820 and their address is 116 Oak Street. That is the main street in downtown Hood River.


Written by Roland

August 16, 2006 at 8:46 am

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