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Bike Pump Update – Air Revolution Mini Foot Pump


9/19/2006 Update – Unaceptable Rating
In May I posted a review of my latest bike pump, see the update  Mini Foot Pump Air Revolution Early Failure and promised an update after my July Tour. This pump worked very well but not for very long, see the update. I have to remove my recommendation of this pump..

Then I said I was very pleased and thought I had finally found the pump for a long tour. Well after my July Tour, I can say this is the best pump I’ve ever used. It was easy to keep my tires topped off at a 100 PSI. The Air Revolution unlike it predecessors from Mini Foot Pump proved sturdy enough to take the rough use that results from being hot and tired.

The nylon storage bag for the pump turned out to be a great place to store small items, for example, tire levers, tire boots., patch kits, a pressure gage, spare tube caps, and spare disc brake pads.


As easy to use as a floor pump, best compact pump ever.

Easily pumps to 120 PSI

Works great with Schrader valves (I don’t use Presta so can’t comment on fit with Prestas).

German quality and design

44″ Tube, nice and long, easy to use

No air loss at valve when pumping, great seal

Very sturdy and reliable, can take the beating of long tours

Nylon storage bag has enough space for tire levers, tire boots and tube patches

Built-in pressure gage


Not a frame pump, must be stored in a bag

Heavy for a compact pump (17 Oz.)

Package is a bit of a lump to carry, 7″ X 4″ X 4″
Expensive ($40 – $50)

This is a great compact pump, highly recommended.


Written by Roland

August 23, 2006 at 12:39 pm

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