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Hot Buys – My Favorite Panniers on Sale

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My Favorite Panniers – Jandd Mountain Expedition Panniers

I have used Jandd Mountain and Mountain Expedition Panniers on many of my extended self contained tours and think they are the best. The Jandd Expedition Panniers are a great choice if you ride a Ryan Vanguard, a Longbikes Slipstream, or almost any LWB recumbent. They are big enough for a self contained trip (6800/9950 ci or 112/163 ltr normal/expanded) and have the right number of usable pockets.

mtnexpeditionpannier.jpgThey are also easy to mount and although not waterproof protect you gear quite well. I don’t use pannier covers and even after days of rain have not had a problem. [I have to admit if there are days of rain, I am probably in a Motel and my bags are with me].
I am not a fan of waterproof panniers like the Ortleibs. On extended tours the water that gets in them doesn’t dry well. I find packing every item that you want to keep dry in a plastic freezer bag is more practical and effective. That way the item is protected in and out of the pannier from rain and sweat. The Orleibs are also small and heavy. You really need both front and rear panniers if you use Ortleibs for self contained touring. That approach just doesn’t match well with most LWB recumbents. I know lots of people love them and that that Ortleibs are very well made but they aren’t my favorites.

For detailed information on the Jandd Mountain Expedition Panniers go to Janndd. They normally sell for $249 for a pair but are on sale now for $189.95 in the Jandd Specials. These are seconds and have a little color mismatch between the left and right panniers, but I couldn’t tell the difference on the bike on my set.

There are a lot of Jandd items on sale at their Summer Closeouts. They also make great Messenger Bags, also on sale. If you are looking for smaller bags also take a look in the Specials, Jandd has many of their smaller bags on sale also.

Update: 2/23/08 – 2nds Sale at Jandd –  Mountain Expedition Panniers for $218 current list is $284.95


Written by Roland

September 7, 2006 at 9:48 am

Posted in Bags, Equipment, Hot Buys, Tips

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  1. Jandd End of Summer Clearance Sale

    Great prices on excellent panniers and messenger bags. My favorite panniers the Jandd Mountain Expedition Panniers are on sale for $190 (usually $249).


    September 7, 2006 at 9:57 am

  2. Really greatful for Bent info on this sight. I am sure there are others but yours is the best I have found thus far. Plan on touring this summer. First across WA spokane to Seattle. My ride? Cycle Genius SGX. Unsupported until my wife gives up (if she does if so she will support me the rest of the way. I really do thank you for all the usefull info. Warmly Joel

    Joel D Anderson

    May 4, 2007 at 3:12 am

  3. Joel, thanks for the good words. If you know the area then you know how hot Washington is off of the coast during the summer and how bad the traffic is on the roads. The tandems drive me crazy, they will give you room if there is room but they will pass you regardless.

    Adventure Cycling takes Route 20, the northern tier and I followed the Columbia River when I did that ride last summer. Both have their issues and add a lot of distance.

    The wind can be a bigger issue than the mountains and during the summer and comes primarily from the west.

    Having said that, Riding the Iron Horse Trail can be exciting if you are prepared for it. The footing is not the best for a loaded Recumbent but with a light load and wide tires should be handleable. Be sure to check on trail conditions before you leave, washouts are not uncommon and can close sections of the trail for months.

    Have a great ride and please keep us updated on your preparations and ride.


    May 4, 2007 at 11:00 am

  4. […] Hot Buys – My Favorite Panniers 2nds Sale Posted on February 23, 2008 by Roland See original posting – Hot Buys – My Favorite Panniers on Sale […]

  5. […] Hot Buys – My Favorite Panniers on Sale […]

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