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Giving Clipless Another Chance

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I haven’t used clipless pedals for about 10 years. I never really liked SPDs (I can’t beleive Shamino never had a Product Liability Issue with their SPDs) but had good luck with Time Clipless Pedals. But when I started self contained touring in the mountains it became obvious that the risk of a fall just washed out the benefits. Plus my toes needed to self actualize in sandals. (Why I don’t use clipless pedals)

I still would not recommend clipless pedals for self contained touring but I am suffering the post tour blahs and need to do something to bring the spark back. I am in the post tour riding slow mode and though trying clipless pedals might help to get me out of it. I think they might be fun for local riding, we will see. Plus I had trouble resisting that great price on the eggbeaters and the sale price on the shoes.

So my eggbeaters and and Shimano MT20Ds have arrived. So far, I have some done a little riding around the neighborhood to break them in. The eggbeaters were fairly stiff when I first tried inserting into them but as the instructions predicted they seem to be freeing up after a few insertions.

I also seem to have the Flu and despite the great weather haven’t been out for a few days. I am hoping to give them their first real test tomorrow.

See First Impressions for the follow on to this post.

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Written by Roland

September 8, 2006 at 10:10 pm

Posted in Pedals and Shoes, Rant

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