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Shoes that Fit – Two Winners

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Note: This part 5 of a series of posts. The previous post was “Giving up on Shimano MT-20D Shoes“.

Nike Kato III
Today while travelling I stopped at Gus’ International Bike Shop in North Hampton, NH on Route 1. They were very nice and helpful. I told them about my previous experience with Shimano shoes and they suggested I try Nike Kato III Strap shoes. I tried them on and the 47 felt great in the shop. The best price I saw online was at Penn Cycle & Fitness $84.99 just a few dollars less than the local bike shop.

Sidi Bullet 2 Mega
Longfellow suggested the Sidi Bullet 2 shoe so I tried that on also. The 47 was too short as they suggested at the shop. The 48 was long enough but pinched my toes. So I tried on the Sidi Bullet 2 Mega 48 and that felt great. They 48 Mega is a little wide but had great toe box room and the straps cinched it up just fine. You can save a few dollars online if you want these shoes in blue otherwise the price is essentially the same as your local bike shop, $149.99.

I was so pleased to find comfortable shoes for my week in the White Mountains that I bought both pairs. The Nike Kato III I plan to use for Winter riding and Sidi the rest of the time.

I will be following up with posts on how these shoes feel on the bike.

But just looking in the shoes I seen some things that are significantly better than the Shinano shoes. The Sidi have a cork sole below the sock liner. This is my idea what a good shoe should be like. The Nike shoes do not have the grooves in the soles that the Shinano shoes had and have a good looking foot pad. Both shoe feel good the first time you put them on.

Take away:

1. The Sidi shoes run a size short and narrow. This is as expected from European Lasts. See “What is a Shoe Last“.
2, The Nikes run true to American sizes and are wider with a bigger toe box than most other bicycling shoes.

3. Shimano shoes run short and narrow. They also have a small toe box and a plastic sole that has deep ridges that hurt the balls of my feet.

Follow-on Posts:

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Written by Roland

September 15, 2006 at 11:07 pm

Posted in Pedals and Shoes

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