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Sidi Bullet 2 Mega shoe- First Ride

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Sidi Bullet 2 MegaNote: This part 6 of a series of posts. The previous post was “Shoes that Fit – Two Winners“.

Longfellow was right these are well made, comfortable shoes.

After my standard 30 mile test ride my feet felt good. I only stopped to adjust the cleats once during the ride, a very good sign. I am going to replace the Sidi sock liner with Sof Sole – Performance Athlete’s Plus Insoles. The Mega 48 is a little wide and long for my foot but gives me the toe box room I need. The thicker insole will take up the extra room.

Here’s the score on the Sidi Bullet 2 Mega after the first ride.


1. Comfortable shoe, it feels good the first time you put it on.
2. Wide shoe with big toe box

3. Cork insole, this is a well made shoe

4. Velcro straps make adjustment easy and precise. This shoe envelopes your foot comfortably.

5. Very stiff plastic sole leads to a very efficient ride.


1. Tongue rubs top of foot, seems a little stiff

2. Tippy to walk on, you won’t be hiking or walking too far in these. It reminds me of walking in football cleats with a few cleats missing.

3. Price is higher than I like at $149.99

4. Cleat engagement in the Eggbeaters is not as clean and crisp as on other shoes. I may need to install the cleat spacer that comes with the Eggbeaters.

5. I can do without the logos. I prefer a simpler look.

So far, this shoe is well on the way to being a recommended shoe. Now I just need to put some miles on it.

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Written by Roland

September 17, 2006 at 1:45 am

Posted in Pedals and Shoes

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