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My Favorite Long Sleeve Recumbent Jersey

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The first thing a recumbent rider notices about cycling jerseys is that he doesn’t need pockets in the back. You can’t use the rear pockets on recumbents and they can be uncomfortable while riding. I find my best Jerseys in the Hiking Gear or Running sections of web sites like Campmor and REI.

Although I will admit that my favorite clothing comes from the Patagonia Outlet. If you can’t make it to a Patagonia Outlet, recently Patagonia has started having pretty good sales on their web site, just look in Web Specials.

My favorite long sleeve jersey is the Patagonia R .5. It is a very basic garment with no pockets and a zipper below the neck. The zipper lets you adjust ventilation and collar position. What makes this garment unique is the fine waffle construction that both breaths and keeps you warm combined with a soft internal and external finish that is very comfortable.

The beauty of this jersey for bicycling is that it is very breathable but fairly wind and water resistant. You can work hard and not get overheated in this jersey, it is built for hard work. It is also cut fairly long in both the arms and body just what you need on a recumbent, plus it is very comfortable. See World Class Gear Review for more details on construction.

I use it as an around the camp sweater when camping, over my short sleeve jersey in the morning when the weather is warm, for light rain in the summer and as a jersey in the Spring and Fall. In the winter, I wear it as an intermediate layer, a poly long sleeve t-shirt is my base, an R .5, and then a wind breaker or jacket. I also wear the R .5 around the house in the Spring, Fall and Winter as a sweater. It is a joy to wear.

The R .5 weights 8 oz. and packs quite small, I usually keep one in a plastic freezer bag on my bike at all times. This garment packs so nicely that there is never a reason to not have one with you.

The only downside to this jersey is that I can’t let my cat get near it. Her claws catch in the fabric and create snags.

The list price of the Patagonia R .5 is $79 but I can usually pick up last year’s edition in my favorite color, Sale, for around $25 to $35 when there is a sale at the Patagonia Outlet in Freeport, Maine.

If you wear a large and can’t get to a Patagonia Outlet, the R .5 is on sale now at Ski Rack for $47.40


Written by Roland

September 29, 2006 at 4:56 am

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  1. […] The Patagonia Long Sleeve Silk Weight Jersey is lighter in weight than the Patagonia R .5 my favorite Long Sleeve Recumbent Cycling Jersey and better suited if you live in an area warmer than New Hampshire or if you need your arms protected from the sun in warm weather. […]

  2. I really like the Patagonia Capalene Silk weight Jerseys. I have several of the short and long sleeve versions that I use on summer trips. The short sleeve vesion was my dress shirt while bicycle touring in Italy.


    July 7, 2007 at 1:16 pm

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