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Hot Buy – Recumbent Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

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The Patagonia Long Sleeve Silk Weight Jersey is on sale at the Patagonia Web Site for $24 (List $34). This is a great long sleeve cycling Jersey when you just need a little more protection. This jersey is light, breathes very well, and has a very nice feel. It is very well made and has no pockets in the back. The seams are flat and will not rub while riding.

The Patagonia Long Sleeve Silk Weight Jersey is lighter in weight than the Patagonia R .5 my favorite Long Sleeve Recumbent Cycling Jersey and better suited if you live in an area warmer than New Hampshire or if you need your arms protected from the sun in warm weather.

I haven’t ridden in the rain with this jersey but it is not hygroscopic and should work well if the weather is fairly warm.

If you like your jerseys to fit loosely or like a longer, buy a size larger than normal.

These jersey won’t last long, Backpackers love them. They only have M, XL, and XXL available today. If you normally wear a L, try an XL if you don’t need a tight fit.

Review: Recommended

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Written by Roland

October 3, 2006 at 12:26 pm

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