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Finding New Bicycling Routes – Part 1 – Pedaling.com

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Every spring I start thinking again about finding new places to ride and what should be my big ride for the year. So it seems appropriate to start a new series of posts on route and ride finding. Many of these posts will be biased toward Maine, New Hampshire, and Atlantic Canada but many will also be much more general like today’s.

A nice place to start looking for rides is Pedaling.com. What sets Pedaling.com apart from other sites is the breath of coverage and their internal search engine. On their site, you can search the world for rides and you can search by ride characteristic.

The ride characteristics that you can search in Pedaling.com’s Search Tool are:

1. State

2. Region of State

3. Environment

4. Length of Ride

5. Traffic

6. Up and Down

7. Ride Shots

Finding a ride location is the real strength of this site. The ride descriptions are submitted by users and vary in quality. You will need to do a little map work to use most of these rides. That is not a bad thing or a weakness in my opinion. For me, getting my Delorme out and laying the ride out is part of the fun.

I urge you to visit this site and post your favorite rides. Posting your rides is how you can pay back for the pleasure you have gotten from the rides others have posted.

Enjoy the Ride …. Roland


Written by Roland

May 7, 2007 at 8:59 am

Posted in Rides

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