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I have ridden more miles in the State of Maine than in my home state of New Hampshire. My favorite organized bike tours are all in Maine, MOOSA, The Lighthouse Tour, and The Moose Tour. One of my favorite rides is from Skowhegan to Quebec City along the Kennebec River. I like riding in Maine. I ride the coast with Jeanne in the Summer because of the beautifully rugged seacoast, the cute shops and good restaurants. But I also ride western and northern Maine for its mountains and isolated beauty, and yes for its Moose. I love seeing moose.

Camping Biderford, Maine

The State of Maine is a great cycling state and publishes one of the best set of bicycling maps I have ever seen. They also do a great job of marking their bicycling routes. You can ride these routes without the maps but the maps will enhance your ride and help you select routes. You can download these maps at Explore Maine by Bike or you can pick them up at the Maine Visitors Center on the Northbound side of Rt. 95 just North of Kittery. To get a hard copy of the maps before your visit just send a note to bikeinfo@maine.gov.

These are great planning maps but you will still need a copy of the Delorme Maine Atlas. The Delorme Atlas gives you context for the bicycling maps including points of interest, lodging, State Parks, and detailed maps of places to ride not on the bicycling maps. This is an essential if you want to build longer routes or travel to places not on the bike maps.

Strangely, I can’t seem to find may books with Cycling Routes in Maine. The ones I did find on the web are Bicycling with Kids in Downeast Maine and Best Bike Rides in New England. The first I am unfamiliar with. The second is compact and covers all of New England but is not a book I would recommend unless you don’t have the Maine Bike Maps. It is much more useful in other states and is basically a compendium of Bike Club Cue Sheets.

Have a great trip to Maine and enjoy Sea Side, Mountain, and Rural cycling.


Maine State Bicycling Resources

Maine Bicycling Trail and Tours

Bicycling Coalition of Maine

Explore Maine by Bike

Delorme Maine Atlas


Written by Roland

May 18, 2007 at 6:21 am

Posted in Rides, Tour Planning

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