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Planning your own Bicycle Tour – Part 4 – Information Found

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2006 Montreal Bike Festival2006 Montreal Bike Festival

So I have a trip concept ride the Richelieu River from Vermont to Montreal with an aside to Chambly possible. I did my web search for trip information and here is what I found:

1. There is a bicycle map and information site for the Vermont Area where I plan to begin, the Lake Champlain Bikeways. The map is availble free if you call Vermont Department of Tourism (1-800-VERMONT) .

2. When I called Vermont Department of Tourism (1-800-VERMONT) they told me they would also send a Vermont Camping Guide and the Vermont Vacation Guide.

3. The Vermont Bike Routes join the Quebec Bike Routes at the border. I found this out at Canadian Trails. That site also has trail ratings. The Quebec Trails are part of La Route Verte.

4, There is a tourist site for that part of Quebec, it is call Monteregie. Cycling Information and cycling maps are available at the site, however, cycling information is only available in French.

5. Historic Weather patterns for Canada can be found at Canadian Climate Norms.

6. There is a web site and Bicycling guide for La Route Vert. The site has maps and support information. There is an English version of the Route Guide, Cycling in Quebec. You can find the Guide and a list of available maps at the Velo Quebec site. If you want the English version of this guide order right away, they will be sold out by Spring.

7. There is a group ride at the end of May that covers this route in 3 or 4 days called 4th Annual VerMontreal Bike Tour. The last day is the ride in the Tour d’Ile, Montreal’s June 1 Bike Festival that draws over 30,000 bicyclists. I learned here that it is 105 miles from South Hero, Vermont to Montreal by bicycle.

8. Only found one ride report – there must be more:

Montreal – Two Wheels few Hills – NY Times

I have ordered information and now it will be a few days before it arrives. There seems to be plenty of information and a lot more bicycling resources than I usually find when planning a trip. But strangely fewer than normal trip reports.

I am going to try to figure out Google Maps while I wait for tour information to arrive. In Part V, I will start planning a detailed route.


Written by Roland

February 13, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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