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Rear Deraileur Adjustment Made Simple – Wow!!!

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Front Deraileurs are seldom a problem because they seldom need adjustment. But I have often had problems with my rear dérailleur. I know it must be simple but the adjustments have been a mystery to me. Here is a video that makes it all simple. You will want to run out and adjust your rear dérailleur after you watch this video.

This is the best explanation of how to adjust your rear dérailleur I have ever seen. Just click on the play button to watch. It is a YouTube video and I am very impressed at how well it is done. This video makes Adjusting the Rear Dérailleur simple.

See also: Fixing Rear Deraileur Shifting Problems if you are just touching up a problem deraileur.

Once you have this rear dérailleur adjustment technique down and can fix a flat you you will be really independent and self sufficient on the road. You will be the one stopping to help the other poor folks stranded along the road.

Tools to Add to your Gear:

1. 5 MM Hex key

2. Small Phillips Screw Driver

With just these and your tire repair kit you can now fix most problems you will encounter on the road. I carry a few more thing but not much.

You might want to practice this with your bike upside down sitting on the ground because that will probably be the way you do it on the road. However, if you have a Longbikes Slipstream or other recumbent with a two leg kickstand, you have a built in work stand and can adjust the rear dérailleur and lube your chain in the upright position.

I will be searching for more of these repair videos and post the best ones.

Tip: If you are using the latest version Real Player, you can down load these videos, save them on your computer and play them whenever you want them. A download of the free version of Real Player is available at Real Player Download. Stick with the free version it is all you will need.


Written by Roland

February 26, 2008 at 7:14 am

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