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My 2008 Cycling Sandals

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In 2008,  I am trying to do everything I can to eliminate the hip problem that kept me off of the bike for most of 2007.  Here’s my plan:

1. Go back to Power Gripsno more clipless pedals that are more efficient but also seem to put more stress on my hips and knees.

2. Shorter Cranks – my new cranks are 153MM versus the 170MM I was using.

3. I am going back to the traditional sandal that I used for 10 years before switching to shores with cleats for clipless pedals.

 For years I have used PowerGrips and the Birkenstock Milano with great comfort. The cork soles on the Milano have given me more comfort while riding than any other sandal I have used. They are very firm but also protect and protect your feet from the pedals.


This sandal is the exception to my basic rule on shoes,  “If they aren’t comfortable from the first second you put them on don’t buy them”. I have to wear a new pair around the house for a month before they are comfortable for walking. It takes quite a while for the footbed to mold itself around your foot. But once it does they are the most comfortable scandals I have ever worn and the only ones that really protect my sensitive feet from bicycle pedals.


The Milanosare not the best sandals for rain and I always carry a second pair of sandals with me for off the bike walking and riding in rain. My current favorite rain sandal is the Keen San Clemente Sport Scandal. Note: these are on sale now at Sierra Trading Post for $39.95 (List $65.00).

If you just go out and buy Milanos expect to spend over a $100, but if you are patient late in the summer you will find them on sale for around $50. When you do, buy two pairs and start breaking them in over the winter indoors.


Written by Roland

March 20, 2008 at 5:03 pm

Posted in Pedals and Shoes

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