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Jandd Grocery Panniers

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With gas prices up and a new grocery store only about three miles away, I’ve decided that using my bike for grocery shopping be a good idea. I’ll get the exercise, save on gas, and do some hauling with a load.

But groceries don’t fit very well in panniers and I just couldn’t put those ugly open metal baskets on my Slipstream.

Luckily, while writing an earlier post, Hot Buy: Jandd Private Spring Sale – 30% OFF, I found the perfect Grocery Bags on sale, the Jandd Grocery Pannier.

I really like Jandd Panniers and have used them on all of my tours with great success. They are well made and very expandable. They are not waterproof but handle rain well and dry very nicely.

I made my first Grocery Store trip with the Jandd Grocery Panniers and was very pleased. A standard paper grocery bag just drops into the pannier with no hassle, very nice. I purchased the optional covers just in case I really need to over fill the bags.

The Grocery Panniers have mesh sides and the covers have mesh panels so I wouldn’t plan on rainy day grocery trips unless you use plastic bags. But I don’t see that as a limitation, I wasn’t planning rainy days trips for groceries anyway. But if you want a waterproof version take a look at Jandd’s Camille Hurricane Grocery Pannier.

These are really nicely made panniers with lots of reinforcement in the corners.

Here’s Jandd’s Description:

Description: The mesh-sided Grocery Bag Pannier is the perfect bag for riding down to the store for light shopping trips. A standard paper grocery sack fits perfectly inside or, better still, the Grocery Bag Pannier can be thrown over your shoulder and carried inside the store with its 1.5″ shoulder strap (included) for use as a shopping bag (use our pannier, save a tree)! Its symmetrical design and versatile, low-tech bungee mounting system allow it to be mounted on either side of your bike and make it easy to get the bag on and off your rack. There is a three-pocket daisy chain stitched at the bottom of the suspension system so that you can adjust the bag farther to the rear for greater heel clearance, or closer to the bike’s center if you so desire.Camille Hurricane Grocery Pannier.

When not in use the bag can be folded up and secured out of your way by a pair of snaps on webbing tails. When you are ready to carry a load, be it groceries or briefcase, simply pop the snaps, attach the webbing tails to the snap heads on the back of the frame sheet to keep them out of your spokes, and load up. There is also an optional mesh hood for the Grocery Bag Pannier to help keep items from bouncing out on turbulent journeys (shown in taupe for photographic purposes; only available in black).

The Grocery Bag Pannier has four new improvements to increase durability: stainless steel clamps, a plastic runner to decrease wear, a vinyl bumper, and a lap seam for the mesh. That said, this Pannier is a simple yet versatile addition to your cycling gear-you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without it. Now we have a waterproof version of the bag called the Camille Hurricane Grocery Pannier.

So if you can keep your grocery shopping to two filled to the top standard paper grocery bags these are perfect. There is room to carry some other items on the rear rack but making more trips is good for you … right?

NB: If you need to carry more than two bags of groceries see Trailers and Recumbents


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Written by Roland

April 11, 2008 at 8:00 am

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  1. I bought a single-wheel trailer last year specifically for small hauling errands on my bike. Owner’s manual says it is limited to 45 lb and 17 mph, but I’ven’t encountered any problems exceeding either (both). I can get 4 or 5 filled grocery bags in with no problem, using a cargo net to secure them. I coul fit more in volume, but weight has been the limfac.


    April 17, 2008 at 6:48 pm

  2. I am so glad you mentioned trailers. I have several and have a definite favorite that I have used quite a bit when I travel with my wife. I didn’t even think of using it for groceries, but of course!

    That will be tomorrow’s posting!


    April 17, 2008 at 7:38 pm

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