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KneeSavers: First Impressions

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When you first put your foot on the pedal after installing KneeSavers, things feel quite different. You can feel the wider spacing and it feels awkward. After riding a few miles that feeling diminishes.

One thing that is noticeable for me, is that my foot isn’t really much further from the crank because I slide the foot in towards the crank. I ride in sandals and they are wider than any pedal and because of that the side of my foot and the PowerGrips strap rub against the side of the crank arm. With KneeSavers, I can slide my foot in so that it overlaps the pedal on the inside and still not rub the crank arm.

Foot on Pedal with KneeSavers Installed

NB: PowerGrip Strap is loose in this picture – still set for Winter Shoes

I like that my sandal or shoe no longer rubs the crank arm. I am not sure how comfortable it will be on very long rides with the edge of the pedal hitting the inside of my foot instead of the outside. I would buy wider pedals if I could find them without the screws that are in MTB pedals and if they accepted PowerGrips.

Time will tell if there are other advantages or disadvantages.

Resources: Hot Buy: Hip & Knee Saver -Pedal Extenders on eBay


Written by Roland

April 13, 2008 at 7:43 am

Posted in Pedals and Shoes

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