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Adjusting the Slipstream Headset

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My Longbikes Slipstream has a 1″ threaded Shimano105 Headset. It is easy to forget about the headset but you should check it and adjust periodically. This video shows how easy it is to make that adjustment. You will need 2 32 MM thin wrenches for this.

I posted this because my bike was becoming more and more difficult to handle. Strange but I thought it was me not the bike that had changed. It felt like I had forgotten how to ride over the winter. But when I checked the headset I found that it was sticking in the straight ahead position.

My first thought was that headset sets usually loosen not tighten and I’ll have to replace the headset. But I borrowed 2 32MM thin wrenches and loosened the headset and everything freed up.

So like lots of other things on your bike, the headset set needs to be checked (usually it has loosened) and adjusted.


Written by Roland

May 7, 2008 at 3:40 pm

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  1. […] am also hoping that my sloppy maintenance last year didn’t create a problem. Last year ( Adjusting the Slipstream Headset), I just assumed it was sticking because it was tight and loosened the adjustment. I should have […]

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