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Crank clearance with pedal extenders

Crank clearance with pedal Extenders

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I have been riding a few months now with Knee Savers and Shorter Cranks and have to say that the results have so far been all positive.

The Knee Savers/Pedal Extenders keep my feet from rubbing the crank arms and give me more ways to position my feet while riding. They also allow a lot more toe out which I seem to need for my right foot.

My Hobbit feet in sandas are wider than any pedal I have ever found except MTB platforms that don’t accept straps. This is strange since my feet are C width.

At first the foot position felt strange but after about a week of riding that feeling disappeared. The wider foot position now feels natural and I like them. However, I would not say that the improvement is dramatic. What I like is that my feet don’t rub the cranks anymore and my right foot seems to be in a more natural toe out position.

A few words of advice if you are thinking of buying:

1. Buy the stainless steel version – the others are hard to keep rust free

2. Take a look at Hot Buy – Pedal Extenders on eBay

3. Buy Shorter Cranks first – they are a much bigger improvement

4. If you have shorter cranks make sure that they are compatible with Knee Savers/Pedal Extenders most are not.

I like Knee Savers/Pedal Extenders and would recommend them for anyone who thinks they need them especially at the eBay price.


Written by Roland

June 20, 2008 at 7:26 am

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