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Hobo Bikers are in Peru

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Here’s the latest update from the Hobo Bikers, Nancy and Randy. They have worked their way down from the Arctic Circle to Peru. Their letter follows but if you want to see more pictures and read about their amazing bicycle trips use these links:

We have a whole lots of pictures for you.

Northern Peru: only the best (about 50 pictures): http://www.flickr.com/photos/hobobiker/sets/72157607015267940
or as a slideshow:
Our favorite pictures fromt this part of the trip (more than 300!)
or as a slideshow
And, as always, there are lots and lots of stories and pictures on the website: http://www.hobobiker.com.

Hello everybody! We just wanted to update you on where we are and how it’s going.
After entering Peru in the northern mountains, we found our way to the coast at Trujillo and took a pre-arranged quick trip home in early August to Massachussetts and Colorado to visit with family and had a great time with them. (Thanks to all of you for your friendship and hospitality!) We got back about the 12th of August and got back on the road.
We got back after that whirlwind (and exhausting) trip and we just finished a two week and two day march from Trujillo, on the north coast, to Huánuco, in the interior mountains of Peru, about 650 kilometers of amazing terrain. There are so many things to see along the route. The first week and a half was through desolate, dry, landscape along dirt roads. We have seen the most amazingly colorful  rock formations. We rode through at least 47 tunnels, pedaled many days seeing more animals than people, camped at gas stations, orchards, schools and backyards. We panned for gold in the Marañón River, a river we have crossed three times since entering Peru. Randy wiped out one time (he is ok but bruised up.) We have watched and participated in the local planting-time festival in three villages that we just ran into along the way. All the small communities are celebrating the planting time. All of them seem to have processions with the chief Inca (the king), and Inca maidens, and a spirit named Ruku. They parade in the streets playing music and dancing out old traditional legends.  And they love to have us there, forcing us to get off the bikes and dance!
We’re headed south (on pavement for a week or two) to Huancayo, where we’re hoping to help out just a bit with some work for our friends at http://kiva.org. After that come Ayacuco and then Cusco and the famous Macchu Pichu.
Anyway, hello from Huánuco, Peru.


Written by Roland

September 10, 2008 at 7:58 am

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