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Now I remember why I ride (a recumbent)

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Yesterday was dark, windy and 40 degrees. It felt brutally cold. Today is sunny, windy, and 60 degrees; it feels wonderful. Nice enough that I went out for my first bike ride in a very long time.

The sides of the road are still a mess from winter so I rode my mountain bike. It was amazing to be out on a bike again … in the sun, feeling warm, with green grass in spots. I felt so free and alive.

I didn’t ride far or fast but I was glad just to be out. I had nothing in my legs but that was OK, the legs will come back with time on the bike.

By the end of the ride my seat hurt, my right thumb was numb, and my neck felt stretched. I remember all of those from my days touring on a diamond frame. They are part of a cycle that continues for a good part of the year on an upright bike. I just haven’t dealt with them since I started riding a recumbent.

On a recumbent, the year starts with no gas in your legs and slow rides. As you put on miles you gradually get faster but pain isn’t part of the riding experience.

Tomorrow, I’ll be riding my recumbent.

This is the second post on my new iMac and I finally learned how to insert pictures again. Now if I can find my camera, I’ll be back in business.


Written by Roland

April 9, 2009 at 1:17 pm

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