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The League of American Bicyclist (LAB) has again published it’s list of most bicycle friendly states, League of American Bicyclists * News.

The Top Ten are:

1 Washington
2 Wisconsin
3 Arizona
4 Oregon
5 Minnesota
6 Maine
7 California
8 Illinois
9 New Jersey
10 New Hampshire

The Bottom Ten are:

40 Alaska
41 South Dakota
42 Connecticut
43 Oklahoma
44 Montana
45 New Mexico
46 North Dakota
47 Mississippi
48 Alabama
49 Georgia
50 West Virginia

My congratulations to the folks in the top ten states. They are creating a bicycle friendly commuting environment and making bicycling part of a healthy life style.

I don’t think there is any doubt the Portland, Oregon and Montreal, Quebec are the most bicycle friendly cities in North America. The big surprises on that list for me are Washington, New Jersey and Arizona.

Apparently Seattle has made great strides in the last few years. They have had a great bicycling community for quite a while but when I toured there in 2006 I felt like I was in a war while riding. There was a weekly Bicycle protest Ride in Seattle every Friday afternoon that blocked traffic. If you rode a bicycle folks in cars and trucks yelled “Tree Hugger” and threw things at you. Maybe the war between the Environmentalist and the Loggers has settled down.

Arizona is working hard to become a bicycle friendly place but New Jersey? Parts of New Jersey are beautiful but much of it is hell for a bicyclist. Yes, I know people rave about New York City for bicycling but NYC and New Jersey are just not for me.

I think it is great that more urban communities are are promoting bicycling. It will make them better places to live and my hope is that it is part of a permeant change in the American life style.

The States that are doing better and the top states deserve all the recognition they can get for promoting bicycling. One word of advice though, don’t take these lists as lists of the best places for bicycle touring. These lists recognize efforts to promote bicycling as part of an urban life style not great cycling. Many of the states at the bottom of the list have great bicycle touring.


Written by Roland

April 13, 2009 at 9:41 am

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