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LightLane – Amazing New Light

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Take a look at this new bicycle light … this is amazing if it really works. This is a development I really want to watch. Check it out for your self at LightLane.

This light does what I want a light to do … show drivers where I am.

A video of light in action: LightLane Beta Testing

Here’s what the light may look like:



Placement on a recumbent or touring bike with panniers may be a problem but I can see at the very end of my pannier rack, closer to the ground, the lane width narrower but the lines even brighter. I am excited by the concept.


Written by Roland

June 27, 2009 at 8:22 am

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LCI Certification – Teach Cycling

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Cycling Instructor Training

Cycling Instructor Training

My belief is that the best thing we can do to make the roads safer is to get more folks out cycling so drivers get used to looking for cyclists. Data shows that as the number of cyclists and pedestrians increase the accident rate decreases. Here’s a way to help, Teach Cycling.

The week before the Maine Bike Festival the League of American Cyclist will be conduct and CI Certification Course in Fryeburg. These don’t happen very often in Northern New England so if you would like to participate sign up right away.

Here are the details:

Jul 8
Fryberg, ME
Wed-Fri, Jul 8-10, 2009
Contact: Charley LaFlamme, 207-646-0635
Seminar signup

Course Description

Becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified to teach BikeEd is a great way to help cyclists in your community. Certified instructors can teach BikeEd classes to children as well as adults. Help bring the joy of safe cycling to others. If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to teach others please consider taking the next step towards certification. Road I is a prerequisite for a certification seminar. Instructors are trained at seminars held periodically throughout the year.

Written by Roland

June 25, 2009 at 2:55 pm


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The week before the Maine Bike Festival in Fryeburg, the LAB will be conducting cycling courses. They aren’t offered very often in this area and space is limited. So sign up quickly if you are interested.  I’m planning to be there.

The first course will be:


Date: Tuesday July 7, 2009 from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
Instructor: Charles Laflamme
Location: 52 Bradley St., Fryeburg, ME 04330
Fee: $75.00, $50.00 for BCM members
Description: FUN, is our objective while cycling in this beautiful area along the Saco River with the White Mts. in the background and getting our exercise at the same time. Come learn how to have fun and ride your bike safely. The topics covered will be; The Bicycle, Clothing & Equipment, Basics of Handling, Traffic Law, Cycling in Traffic, Crash Avoidance, Road Hazards, Educating Motorists, Etiquette & Enjoyment

To register for this course, contact:

Charley LaFlamme
Phone: 207-646-0635
Contact Email: chazbikeed@maine.rr.com
Website: bikemaine.org
Signup required in advance? Yes
Special signup instructions: Deadline for sign up June 26 and the first dozen paid enrollments will get into the class on a first come first served basis. Contact Chrley

Equipment required: Fun attitude, Bike in good repair & helmet.

Written by Roland

June 24, 2009 at 9:39 am

Maine and New Hampshire Hidden Gems

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I am working on documenting a series of moderate day rides (30 to 50 miles) near New Hampshire and Maine’s seacoast. The rides are thought some of the oldest settlements (area settled in 1623) in the United States along back country roads with little or no traffic. The rides feature great views of bays and rivers and historic homes.

They are not on the seacoast with all of it’s traffic and wonderful ocean views; but are on back roads that very few visitors to the area would find. I think of them as hidden gems. They are the roads I ride while training.

This is a departure from my emphasis on self contained recumbent touring and I am wondering if this is of interest to readers. They also take quite a bit of time and work to create. Please let me know what you think.

Written by Roland

June 18, 2009 at 3:32 pm

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