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I usually ride in a pair of aerobic shorts with no padding. They are the best for just riding in warm weather, light and cool. But if I need to get off the bike and walk around pockets are a real plus; some place for my wallet, iPod Touch and cellphone.

I have been using the ExOfficio Amphi shorts and they are good but not the most comfortable. The briefs that are part of the short can rub a little if I am not careful and just aren’t as comfortable as I would like.

ExOfficio has a new short the Nio Amphi short. They are very much like the Amphi, the only short I find with cuff straps, except no briefs and a little looser and longer cut. I wear these with a compression brief  and they feel great no chafing anymore. I love them for touring, lots of great pockets and light. They look good enough that even with my safety green tee shirt  I feel comfortable walking around.

The ExOfficio Nio Amphi and Amphi are on sale now at Rock Creek ($44.95) and REI ($49.83).  The $65 list price for these short is much more than I usually spend for cycling shorts and even on sale they are on the high end of my price range. But I really like these shorts so I stocked up before my size disappeared.


Written by Roland

July 14, 2009 at 9:24 am

Posted in Clothing

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