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Bicycling and Weight Loss Part I – Overview

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It is coming to the end of Bicycle Touring season in New Hampshire. The nights are cold and it time to be thinking of great day rides with crystal clear skies, low humidity, no bugs, and soon colorful leaves. It is also a good time to reflect on this year’s cycling.

My major accomplishment this year was losing 45 pounds without dieting. It is an an accomplishment that I am very proud of and that has made my life better.

I have been riding high milage for years but this was the first year I lost much weight. The weight loss didn’t happen with no changes. In the next few posts I’ll take your through what I did differently this year that I believe has made me healthier and stronger and made those changes sustainable. I claim no expertise so please fill free to jump in and straighten me out when I go astray. I also believe in few things but I am strong believer in the “The Laws of Thermodynamics” and the use of “feedback” in control systems.

The things I did differently that helped me lose weight:

1. I did not diet

2. I did watch my intake and use of energy

3. I changed the way I eat

4. Oolong Tea [Please don’t jump to those crazy Oolong weight loss ads on the net and spend a lot of money]

I’ll explain each of these in future posts. There isn’t much new or different here, maybe one thing, but some simple changes have helped me changed my life. I want to share them with you because often the simplest lessons are the hardest to learn and the ones we have to keep relearning.

next part Bicycling and Weight Loss Part II – Understanding


Written by Roland

September 6, 2009 at 5:03 pm

3 Responses

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  1. […] Original post:  Bicycling and Weight Loss Part I – Overview […]

  2. I’ve been riding a mountain bike for most of my life, and when it was stolen this summer, I saved my pennies to replace it … then found a great deal on a well-used road bike. It’s been a profound change for me. Like you, long mileage trips aren’t new to me, although I’ve been doing a lot more of them lately – a couple weeks ago I peddled 61 miles with a couple friends.

    You mentioned that the season has ended in New Hampshire. We don’t get the kind of snow here in Seattle that New England does ( I grew up in Conn ), but, if the roads and/or paths are clear of ice, I can share what’s been working for me without taking up much of your time.

    I’ve been wearing more specialized winter-outdoor clothes while I bike lately, and even in high winds and driving rain ( or, a typical Seattle day ) I can be as comfortable on my bike as I am at home. And that keeps me going. If you can, try:

    * A wool base layer, preferably merino. It’s soft, but it wicks like nobody’s business, and has some magic that keeps your body temperature just right. It insulates somewhat, but not too much. And even when it’s wet, it will still keep you warm.

    * A goretex outer shell. This deals with the wind and rain. It shouldn’t have any insulation; only keep you isolated from the elements. I use wind and waterproof pants as well as a parka, so that when I have no choice to cross a standing flood puddle, my legs don’t get frostbite.

    * A scarf and (open ended) hat. These protect my ears, mainly, and my neck, because going 15 miles per hour means a 15 mph wind for most of your trip.

    That’s pretty much it. If I’m a little bit cold when I step out my front door, I’ll be perfectly comfortable for my ride, but, if I’m toasty warm at the start, I’ll soon overheat, sweat profusely, and be uncomfortable enough to turn back and stay home.


    January 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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