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Bicycling and Weight Loss Part II – Understanding

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continued from: Bicycling and Weight Loss Part I – Overview

Last January my weight was up, my blood pressure was too high, and my hip hurt a lot. I later found out that the hip problem I’d been chasing for 2 years was really a back problem. I realized it was no coincidence I had all of these problems, I was too fat and my body was doing the best it could to compensate and tell me it was time to change.

I knew I was eating too much but dieting had never really worked for me. I tried the South Beach Diet several times, my wife’s favorite, but never really had much success. I’d lose 10 or 20 pounds but would have them back as soon as I stopped. There was always a stop because I got tired of feeling deprived.

I was dieting but not learning anything about why my weight out of control. All I knew was if I dieted I lost weight and when I stopped I got the weight back plus some. My Doctor suggested a Food Diary. That made sense and I started just writing down what I was eating.

One thing became immediately obvious, my portion sizes were way too large. Since I cook that was easy to fix. But cutting back on portion size left me unsatisfied. I was used to eating until I felt full.

Discovery 1: Eat more slowly and stop when you are no longer hungry. Don’t keep eating until you feel full.

When I ran across this thought it seemed so obvious. Why had I never realized that  I didn’t have to eat everything and leave the table feeling stuffed? I know I can blame my poor Mother but really thoughtless behavior is all my fault but I can do better. A Dutch track coach I met cycling said it very well, “Don’t eat like a pig; eat like a person”. What he meant I am sure is stop eating when you stop feeling hungry.

Ok, I cut back portion sizes and stopped when I no longer felt hungry. But I didn’t feel satisfied with my food. I’d bicycled a bit in Europe and remembered how I felt after meals in France and Italy. The serving sizes had been small by American standards but they were so full of flavor that I left the table feeling satisfied. I’d been searching for quite a while on how to replicate that experience at home. But I found French techniques way to complicated for my schedule and the fresh ingredients hard to get.

Somewhere in my reading I ran across a theory that might explain why I felt so unsatisfied with my cooking and most restaurant food. The premise I kept finding is that American food flavoring is based around a powerful combination of fat, sugar and salt that is almost addictive. That food triad stimulates us in a way that makes us eat more while hiding the true flavor of food with a flavor that is powerful and seductive but not healthy in excess. I don’t know if the triad of sugar, fat, and salt really changes our brain chemistry as some claim but I do know I was addicted. I needed lots of salt, sugar, and fat in my food to enjoy it.

I knew I had to stop adding salt to my food, but did not want to start using sugar substitutes again. They just seemed to make me hungry.

continued Bicycling and Weight Loss Part III – Gaining Control


Written by Roland

September 7, 2009 at 4:37 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Bill Evans is one of the many millions who is battling with weight issues. Dieting


    September 8, 2009 at 6:54 am

  2. there are 10 simple tips that you can practice in order to achieve the dream of:

    1. Set your goals slowly. Get decrease in the range of 0.5kg to 1kg per week.
    2. Can take supplements such as Glutamine each day after exercise session.
    3. Reduce the intake of food or drink sweet (sugar content high).
    4. Just eat fruit instead.
    5. Drinks more mineral water and do not drink alcoholic beverages.
    6. Set the time you eat each day.
    7. Eat in the dining area and not in front of the tv.
    8. Familiarize themselves with the smaller plates when eating.
    9. Fill your days with doing certain activities to avoid fun thought of food.
    10. Make sure you get adequate rest. For example bedtime. Sleep in 6 to 8 hours a day.

    You can follow all this tips to get more ideal body, visits here to more info..


    September 13, 2009 at 10:45 pm

  3. […] from Bicycling and Weight Loss Part II – Understanding I knew I had a problem with eating but didn’t know what to do. Diets didn’t seem to […]

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