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General Bicycling Posts Moving to FOBB

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Visit  The Recumbent Blog to keep updated on Recumbent cycling, it’s an excellent blog and beautifully done.

FOBB will be the new home for my posts that are not recumbent specific. I’ll still be talking mostly about touring gear and touring but if the post isn’t just for Recumbent Riders it will be on FOBB. I will still be doing some Recumbent Posts but I expect FOBB to be busier this summer than eBent.

This first FOBB post, Hello World, explains what I will be doing with FOBB. FOBB reflects my evolution as a rider. At 65 I am riding more in areas I know and integrating cycling more into my life.

It is a bitter sweet thing to embrace change but for now, my Ryan and Slipstream are hanging in the garage. I am getting rid of my other recumbents, BikeE and Sat-R Day, the giant shipping case for the Slipstream, and the 2 recumbent bike rack. However, this year I am planning more tours and revisiting some of my first tours.

My body will tell me when it is time to go back to a recumbent or maybe get a Trike. But for now my new LHT has brought the fun back to cycling for me.


Written by Roland

March 25, 2010 at 9:18 am

Garmin Edge 605 for Touring

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Garmin Edge 605

The Garmin Edge 605 is a nice compact GPS that does a great job of collecting data as you ride. It also works well as a Cycling Computer. But it just doesn’t cut it as a GPS for Bicycle Touring. I am so disappointed. The Edge 606 and 705 could have been great Touring Tools.

Data display from your rides

What is doesn’t seem to do is routing. I am hoping someone will prove me wrong on this. You can’t just open your Garmin Mapping Software, create a route and send the route to your Edge. Yes, you still have to buy the maps but no routing.

The Other major limitation is battery life, 12 hours and you can’t just stick in new batteries, they have to be recharged. OK, if you are staying in motels but a major limitation if you are camping.

Written by Roland

March 24, 2010 at 10:55 am

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The Crane is leaving the Nest

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Spring is here and as soon as the monsoon stops I’ll be out cycling or working on selling some of my Recumbent Touring Gear. The Crane, a rack to carry 2 recumbents, just doesn’t work with my new car, a Nissan Cube. I finally have it debugged and have added new safety clamps and straps that should have been there originally but I can’t find a hitch for the Cube bigger than 1″. Plus the Cube just isn’t big enough to handle the weight of a Ryan Vanguard and a Longbikes Slipstream on the back.

I’ll be keeping my Slipstream and Vanguard but getting rid of my other recumbents and the Coffin I used to ship my bikes in. Just need to make space.

Written by Roland

March 24, 2010 at 10:18 am

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