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Doing My Stretches but Still Not Back

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332_f1.jpgThis hip problem is turning out to be more of a nagging problem than I expected. It has interfered with my ability to read and write, not just this Blog but everything. I am finding it very hard to concentrate.

The lesson to take away is don’t forget to stretch and let your hips and legs get as tight as I did. A few minutes a day can save you months of discomfort.

For me, it was the heel a few years ago and now the hip. I tend to push much harder with right leg because of knee surgery on the left leg. So it has been the right heel and hip that have been my problems. But stretching solved the heel problem and will eventually solve the hip problem. This one is taking much longer because I haven’t been able to reduce the swelling and the stretches continue to aggravate the problem.

For the heel I found just the right stretches on the web but that information appears to be gone now, but a visit to Physical Therapist will set you on the right path.

Again, for the hip I needed the help of a Physical Therapist. These stretches are more complex. But here we made the mistake of stating strengthening and stretching too soon so I am back at the begining of the cycle again.

These kinds of problems take time and patience to resolve, often 6 to 9 months for older folks like me. But the good news it that winter is just the right time to be in this process and I look forward to a pain free Spring.

Note: I did find a explanation of the heel stretch at: http://www.mckinley.uiuc.edu/Handouts/stretching_potential/stretching_potential.html


Written by Roland

January 20, 2007 at 7:34 am